Spartan Preview Helps New International Students Navigate Pre-Arrival & Orientation

Since 2015, OISS has been offering an online pre-arrival tutorial platform called Spartan Preview. Not only it helps new international students to prepare before arriving at MSU, it is accessible throughout their years at MSU if they have questions after the orientation.



At this moment, only international undergraduates are required to complete all sections of the course and to pass the quizzes before the mandatory International Academic Orientation Program (IAOP). This high-tech tool provided multi-media materials on important topics such as,

  • Welcome messages from the Provost and Director of OISS
  • Immigration regulations
  • Laws and safety
  • Health care and health insurance
  • Living on campus
  • Getting to campus
  • Academic Success
  • What to pack
  • Campus Resource Centers
  • Online tools and important next steps

The program is assessed by videos and content quiz questions with explanations, which builds foundational knowledge students can carry into the week of IAOP.

Thanks to the Spartan Preview, we were able to offer more engaging content after they arrive here such as the much needed Cultural Fatigue presentation. We could also ensure more interaction between the students, the presenters, and the small group orientation leaders during the IAOP week.

Also, once students have access to Spartan Preview, it is allowable to continue logging onto the Spartan Preview until they graduate or completion at MSU!

If you have any question regarding Spartan Preview, you can contact OISS.




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