Sick? No Insurance Card? Here’s what to do!

This year MSU is transitioning to Blue Care Newtork (BCN) for student insurance for the first time. Because of the transition, the delivery of insurance cards to MSU international students has been delayed.

Several students have contacted our office because they are not sure what to do if they are sick or hurt and don’t have the health insurance card yet. We’ll give you tips on how to deal with this issue – both where to go for medical care and how to access your insurance information!


You have three basic choices for medical care in the Lansing area: the Olin Student Health Center, an Urgent Care center, or the hospital. Below is information on how a visit to each place will be handled without a health insurance card:


Check out OISS US health care playlist on Youtube for videos about:

  • How to use Olin
  • US health system
  • How to seek medical treatment in the U.S


The second thing you should do is try to get your BCN insurance information – your ID number and your group number. When you don’t have the card, having these two numbers is definitely better than having nothing.

To get your number:

  • Call or visit the MSU Human Resources Solutions Center:
    • 517-353-4434
    • First floor of the Nisbet Building (across Harrison Road from Spartan Village Apartments)

Note: if you waived your MSU student insurance and bought another insurance plan, you need to contact the provider on how to use your insurance card.


International students and scholars can come to OISS for questions about where to see a doctor, how to read medical bills, how to use the insurance card and explain the insurance policy. You can email us at or you can visit OISS. Check the location and office hours here:

4 thoughts on “Sick? No Insurance Card? Here’s what to do!

  1. Do we need to make initial payment to get treatment in urgent care even we have insurance card with us? I am wondering to know that because I have a bad experience with this issue. After a visit to an urgent care I received bill around $125. I contacted with insurance company they said I need to make initial payment for an year. I don’t want to get wired other students like me in future.

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