If you’re under the age of 18, you might have heard that you’ll be required to get your parent’s permission before receiving medical care in the United States.  This is called minor consent.

Minor consent can be challenging sometimes, especially in the case of emergencies, where you need medical help immediately. Before, minor consent forms were processed in paper through the mail. This was was difficult because your parents are time zones and, sometimes, oceans away.

Now, MSU has created a way for your parents to give their consent online for you to receive medical care.  They can do this before you even arrive in Michigan! This blog will show you step by step how to do that.


To access the minor consent medical treatment form, student should first log into StuInfo.msu.edu

stuinfo login

Next, go to the Manage Guest page on StuInfo on the left hand side of the screen.

manage guests

Be sure that you approve the FERPA warning.  FERPA is a way to ensure your privacy!

student ferpa agree

Now, click Add Guest.

add a guest.JPG

Your parent will fill out the form for Add Guest with all of the required fields.

parents info

Be sure to select the box marked Minor Consent for Medical Treatment. Click save.click minor consent

Your parent will then receive an email instructing them to activate their Community ID if they have not already done so.

ID email

Once your parent activates their Community ID, they will need to log onto Stuinfo.msu.edu with their community ID and password.

parents stuinfo loginThey will be asked to enter in the student’s MSU Net ID and the parent’s name and click agree.

parent ferpa agree

Next, the webpage for Minor Consent will appear.  The parent should click on Minor Consent. click minor consent - parent

Your parents will then be presented with an online form for them to give consent for you to receive medical treatment.  They must click the approve checkbox and submit the form.

agree and submit - parent

They will then see a confirmation webpage.

confirmation - parent

If you have any questions, contact OISS  for help. Do not wait to complete your minor consent form!