This blog is for Fall 2016 new incoming international students to understand their personal IAOP Schedule. Students should print and bring to all required sessions or show on your phone or tablet.

Note: This blog is for the regular admitted students. If you are provisional students, go to here:

  1. First, you will want to read the Welcome screen carefully before clicking next.


2. If you will not be attending MSU this fall or will come on a different visa than F-1 or J-1, click the link to let us know.not attend MSU.JPG

Click “No” on Attending Visa screen if you are no longer coming to MSU this semester or will come on a different visa. Follow the instructions you receive.

visa new.JPG

3. If your parents and family would like to attend International Parent Orientation, click on the link (shown in the image below).

parent new

If you would like to sign up for your family, fill out the information in the next screen for your parents or family and click “Next”.


4. Your personal IAOP schedule is unique to you and the other 20-40 students who are assigned to the same cohort or small group with 2 peer leaders. The first information you will see on your schedule is your Cohort (Small Group) name (ex. RE1).

group info new.JPG

When you come to the Welcome session, you will look for a sign with your group name and sit with your leader and other cohort members. You will stay with this group all week.

5. The Student Information section contains your name, Neighborhood, PID, Country, Major and Admission Type (Regular or Provisional). If any of that information is incorrect, please email

stu info

6. Each day you will see recommended and required events. You should plan to attend all of the IAOP events, but we will swipe your MSU Spartan ID card to take attendance at the required events.

re & re

7. Your small group is assigned a specific dining hall, which is listed beside breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.


8. You are also assigned a specific auditorium for all presentations.


9. Your cohort will meet with your leaders every day in your own reserved classroom.


10. Your schedule also lists your immigration check-in appointment time and location. Be sure to bring your Passport and I20 or DS2019.


11. Each night we offer fun social activities to help you make new friends and learn more about MSU in a relaxing environment. For example Sports and Recreation Night, School Spirit with free ice cream and Karaoke and Dance Party and you don’t want to miss these!


ice cream social

We hope this blog has been helpful. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at!

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