Every year OISS has seen international students miss mail with important documents due to incorrect or lack of off campus addresses in their Stuinfo. To avoid that, here is a step by step tutorial to walk you through the process of updating your off campus address in Stuinfo in the right format.

Note: If you live on campus, your address will be updated automatically so no need to do anything by yourself in Stuinfo.

Why update your off campus address in Stuinfo?
– The U.S. government requires international students who live off campus to list their current address in their MSU account;
– MSU could reach you in emergencies;
– You could receive important government documents via mail; their major way of communication. 
What do you mean by “address in the right format?” 
The U.S. address format is different from many other countries so here is a step by step tutorial to make sure your address in Stuinfo is the right format.

Step 1 – Go to the Stuinfo Address page

1). Log onto stuinfo.msu.edu using your MSU NetId and password.
2). Select “OTHER” then “Address”. 

stuinfo step1

Step 2 – Update your address

1). Click on “Update” under “Current Address”

stuinfo step2
2). Put your address in the correct and full format (Tip: go to the leasing office or your landlord to get a full address.)

Address Line 1 : Street number, street name, apartment number/room number

stuinfo step3

Step 3 – IMPORTANT: Pick the USPS Verified address to submit!
1). Click “Submit” after you type the address and phone number.
2). Make sure you choose the “USPS Verified Address” on the right.

stuinfo step4

Let us know if you have any further questions by emailing oiss@msu.edu. If you don’t want to miss any important mail and make sure you are following U.S government rules, update your off campus address now in StuInfo today!

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