What is an ISO?

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What is Brazuca?

Brazuca is a student organization at MSU that takes the role of the Brazilian Community at the University. The organization tries to bring a little bit of Brazil to MSU, by providing different events to all of the Brazilians and people interested in the culture they can reach. Check out their new event coming up on April 16 and also their story of past events!

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Bring your student organization to represent your country in the SPARTAN WORLD CUP on the 16th of April from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Munn Turf Field! An extraordinary day organized by Brazuca! Fill your Saturday with cultural exchange, traditional presentations and a lot of soccer! Free register and fun guaranteed for all members of your organization, either cheering, playing or presenting!

Team registration is from April 1 to April 10. Register for the Talent Show too!

Bruzca hosted BrazPad

During the Fall of 2014 Brazuca was invited to participate in a professional and academic development conference at Harvard University that would have Brazilian speakers and that would have Brazil as its main theme of discussion. At that moment they had just created the community and would not be able to afford the trip to Harvard, so they were not able to attend. The next week during their regular meetings, the board came to the decision that they should not have to go to Harvard to attend this kind of conference and the idea to create BrazPad was born.

Courtesy of the Brazuca Facebook page.
Courtesy of the Brazuca Facebook page.

When preparing for an event like BrazPad, there are a lot of problems that need to be solved. The first problem was finding speakers that were willing to come to MSU for a conference that has never happened before. Once the committee found people that were willing to come to the conference they had to deal with the funding problem. It is very challenging to convince people to fund your events when you represent a student organization that’s been around for only 2 years. The last big challenge for Brazuca was the advertisement; finding ways to let everyone know about their event wasn’t easy.

The speakers were Francisco Itzaina, Fernando Itzaina, Fernando Loaiza, Felipe Roza, Rodrigo Pastl and Larissa Martins. The committee wanted the conference to be both educational and inspiring for all of the students attending the event. So three out of the six speakers at the conference were really young and had a lot of success coming out of college. They thought that having people who succeeded at a young age would bring a lot of the student’s interest towards their experience and background. The other three speakers were all of at least CEO level in their companies and had a lot of knowledge to share with anyone that could possibly be interested in attending the conference. They all shared one special aspect in their careers and that is the fact that all of them are people that succeeded in Brazil and have the knowledge on how to succeed in different fields.

The guests were very happy with the opportunity of coming to MSU. They loved having the student experience of having dinner at Brody and lunch at Shaw. Also, Brazuca put on a campus tour that they very much appreciated. Finally, they were really happy with the organization and behavior of the Brazuca members and MSU partners.

Courtesy of the Brazuca Facebook page.
Courtesy of the Brazuca Facebook page.

The first tip the Bruzuca leaders would give Brazilian students at MSU is to follow Brazuca and attend their events. They have never had any Brazilians who showed up to one of their events and didn’t ask for more. One of the most important tips for any student that is studying abroad is to try to embrace the culture of the place you are living in. Most of the complaints from international students come from the culture shock that is living in another country. Students struggle against new cultural, behaviors and customs. The best way to avoid that is to embrace this new culture and try to learn from it.

Want to get involved with Brazuca?

For domestic students who want to learn about Brazil, the Brazilian Community is always open to anyone who wants to participate in their activities and they already have some domestic students that go to their events and learn a lot from it. The leaders of the group are happy to share as much information as they can and they would love to have more domestic students at their events. There are also study abroad programs to Brazil that are provided by MSU; there is no better way to learn about a country than to go visit that country yourself.

Brazuca has been getting a lot of positive feedback from a lot of the attendees. People think it’s a great initiative toward something that can get bigger every year. The format in which the conference was held was really pleasant to the students too. They understand how tiring it can be to sit in a chair and listen to several hours of speeches from different people, short coffee breaks, lunch break and the free entry and exit policy turned out to be deeply appreciated by the people that attended BrazPad.

There was a conversation with one of the domestic students after Francisco’s speech and he said that during those 45 minutes he learned more about Brazil than he had ever learned before. Some of the other domestic students attending the conference also confessed that their interest in Brazil grew considerably after BrazPad.

At the end of the conference, every speaker gave one piece of advice to MSU students:

  • Larissa Martins: Believe in the power of generosity!
  • Felipe Roza: Don’t be so anxious, things come naturally!
  • Rodrigo Pastl: Have a goal, and don’t give up!
  • Fernando Itzaina: Be authentic and always do the right thing, even if it is harder!
  • Francisco Itzaina: Be true to yourself!
  • Fernando Loaiza: Persevere and believe in yourself. Have confidence. If your parents can believe in you, why can’t you?
Courtesy of the Brazuca Facebook page.
Courtesy of the Brazuca Facebook page.