You may hear friends, classmates and those who live around you talking about a particular holiday that requires you to wear green today: this is St. Patrick’s Day. This day is an observance of the death of Saint Patrick, a former patron saint of Ireland. It is customary to wear green and often green shamrocks are associated with the holiday as well. Visit, for a brief view of the history of St. Patrick’s Day!

Some tips for today  on campus:

  1. If you want to wear green, wear green! This is a harmless way to celebrate with your friends.
  2. You may be invited to drink at a St. Patrick’s Day party. If you aren’t 21, then the law still applies and you cannot drink alcohol. If you are 21, then it is legal to drink however be careful and be aware of yourself and your friends while you are celebrating.
  3. Remember MSU medical amnesty laws if you or your friends drink:






Irish food on St. Patrick’s Day is the best!

  1. Have a Sweetie-licious St. Patrick’s Day! Join us at all 3 of our locations on Thursday, March 17 for a special St. Patty’s Day menu! We will be serving delicious Irish fare along with delightfully festive baked goods! Menu selection includes: Potato Cabbage Soup with Irish Soda Bread, Roasted Potato & Irish Dubliner Cheese Quiche, Shamrock Sugar Cookies, Green Coconut Cloud Cupcakes, Minty Shamrock Cream Pie and more! See more at:

How do OISS interns celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

  • “I just go about my day and go to class and work like any other,” said Nyasha Makoni, front desk communications intern at OISS. “I wear green but it’s usually coincidental because I wear so much Spartan green. For those that are celebrating have fun, but please be safe and know your limits!”
  • “Green pancakes, green clothes and celebrating with friends, ” said Josh Rothermel, sponsored student program intern at OISS. “We usually roam around East Lansing and meet up with other people that are celebrating!”

They dye the Chicago river green for St. Patrick’s Day?!

Every year in Chicago, Illinois, they dye the river that runs through their downtown green in honor of St. Partick’s Day!

chicago river
St. Patrick’s Day Parade/River Dyeing:

How the Chicago River is dyed green (infographic)

No matter how you celebrate today, have fun and be safe! You can always ask your friends if you have questions about St. Patrick’s Day. Go Green, especially today!