OISS began the process of creating the redesigned I-20s in October 2015.
If you do not receive your redesigned I-20 by 19 February 2016, you must request it at the make-up dates below. A sample of what a redesigned I-20 looks like can be viewed by clicking here. If you already received your redesigned I-20, there is no further action required.

Depending the first letter of your Family/Last name, you must follow the make-up schedule listed on the right and drop off your old I-20 during the designated dates. You cannot drop off your I-20 before or after your designated time frame.

IMPORTANT: If you are on CPT,  OPT and/or you are not near campus, you should mail your old I-20 at your designated time frame to OISS at the address listed here. OISS will create a redesigned I-20 and will email you instructions to have the redesigned I-20 mailed back to you at your expense.

IMPORTANT: If you are a commuter student and need your I-20 to travel to/from Canada, you will need to email OISS at oiss@msu.edu on your designated timeframe to request your redesigned I-20. Please detail on the email that you are a commuter student.

IMPORTANT: If you already have a redesigned I-20, and you are traveling soon, please make sure you receive a travel signature on page 2 of your redesigned I-20 before traveling. You must allow OISS at least 5 days to receive a travel signature. Travel signatures are valid for 12 months.

IMPORTANT: All students must receive their redesigned I-20 by 6 May 2016. If you do not receive your redesigned I-20, you may experience problems when traveling back to the United States.