Henry Koh, 68-year-old MSU football fan from Singapore tells us how he came to love a team so far away.

How did you become so interested in Michigan State football?

Henry (Spartan T-shirt)
Henry Koh wears his brand new MSU Spartans t-shirt.

Through Grace Chee, PhD candidate at MSU. She told me about this Spartan football team led by a class act of a gentleman and football coach, Mark Dantonio. I am always very interested to learn about great coaches as I believe that a good coach can make an ordinary team punch above its weight, but not the other way around. So I wanted to follow the achievements of the MSU team and especially what Coach Dantonio says in his press interviews, what the journalists (the most critical people) and what his players say about him. I get the impression that he is a man who is able to transmit successful game plans, exemplary ethical and moral values, and clear long term (season) goals to his team of coaches and players, and to ensure that everyone sings from the same song sheet.

Do you have any affiliation with MSU and if not how did you hear about us or our football team?

No, I do not have any personal affiliation with MSU. I have a close friend, Pauline Chee, living in East Lansing. We were classmates in high school 52 years back in Singapore, and still keep in contact. She told me about her tailgating party at the Oregon game earlier this season at the MSU Stadium, and then her daughter Grace got to telling me about the team and Coach Dantonio.

What is your biggest hope for MSU football this year?

To echo the wish of Coach Dantonio and the team, I hope that MSU keeps reaching higher, and they win both Bowl games, and produce their best performances in the remaining games of this stellar season. Win, lose or draw, my wish is that they play with a great love for the game, with dignity and sportsmanship, and give credit to the opponent where it is due.

Do you have anything else you want those at MSU to know about you or your mission?

I am a 68-year-old practicing community pharmacist who enjoys bird watching and learning about natural history and general world history in my spare time. I wish to congratulate Mark Dantonio for a very wise decision in appointing MSU as his employer on November 27, 2006, and hope he enjoys many more great years with MSU.

Here is his most recent poem on the Big Ten Championship Win:

The Spartans and Hawkeyes converge on the Circle City
Both teams are fired up and battle ready
Hawkeyes had the easier schedule
But their efforts do not ridicule
They went 12-0 in the regular season
That was accomplished with good reason
Well coached talents QB Beathard and VandeBerg, tough,uncompromising
Abetted by Daniels and Detroit native Desmond King

Now the Spartans face their litmus test
Unbeaten Hawkeyes will draw their best
It’s time to be counted,Spartans arise!
Reach up for the Big Ten champions’ prize
Cook’s guided missiles with strong right arm he’ll deliver
Flying towards his waiting Receiver
From the speedy Aaron Burbridge,will we get
A ballet masterclass,another spinning pirouette?

The ball lands on Riley Bullough’s big broad back
Demetrius Cox scoops it up, Spartans can attack!
But defenses have the early ascendency
Which offense has the better strategy?

The Spartans show fighting spirit and tenacity
To overcome an early adversity
With a display of fearsome tackling, speed and power
And inspirational plays by Shili Calhoun they finally conquer
To win the season’s first big trophy
And reach higher now, for greater glory!!

The full list of Henry Koh’s Poems can be read by clicking the link.

The winning touchdown for MSU during the game against Iowa for Big 10 Champs. Photo credit: Rey Del Rio/MSU Athletic Communications.