Thanksgiving is coming on Thursday Nov 26! Are you wondering what to do? This blog will share with you some important information and events that will happen on campus!

1. Everything you need to know about Thanksgiving!

History, why Turkey, pumpkin pie, parade, etc. Click the link above!

2. FREE Thanksgiving Dinners – all are welcome!

On campus during Thanksgiving? Two free Thanksgiving dinners on next Wednesday and Thursday nights welcome you! Everyone is welcome so bring your friends and families.

WEDNESDAY NOV 25– ISA Thanksgiving Dinner


THURSDAY NOV 26 – 13th Annual Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner


3. MSU University and OISS office will close on Thursday Nov 26 and Friday Nov 27.

4. Watch out for telephone scam! A message from MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY

Several students have notified the Michigan State University Police Department about telephone calls they have received from callers attempting a scam by claiming to be from a police agency, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or other governmental entities.

The caller states the person owes money for an arrest warrant, unpaid student loan taxes, federal or state taxes, or immigration issues. The caller insists the person send money using a transferring service or prepaid card, such as Western Union or MoneyGram. Legitimate agencies will never ask for payment via these methods. Some victims have reported that callers have told them to drive to certain areas to meet representatives from the agency they are portraying to represent. Nobody ever shows up, and payment is once again demanded.

It is common for the phone numbers of the callers to appear to be from legitimate agencies. However, the caller ID is spoofed to reflect a law enforcement or government agency phone number, adding legitimacy to the call.

If you receive one of these phone calls, do not engage the caller in conversation and simply end the phone call. If you have been the victim of one of these scams or have a questions regarding the legitimacy of a phone call you receive, please contact your local police agency.

More information can be found at,, or

Here are some additional safety tips:

  1. Become familiar with the information given in the above links.

  2. Do not wire money to a stranger or anybody you haven’t met in person.

  3. Do not give out financial information over the phone to someone who has contacted you.

  4. Always be skeptical of phone numbers that appear on caller ID as they can be spoofed.

  5. Never give out your social security number, PIN, or passwords.

Have a fun and safe Thanksgiving holiday and break!