TEDxMSU is a gathering where people can come listen to great speakers, network with others and watch videos from previously recorded TED talks. Last year Aiden Wang, a Chinese student spoke about stereotypes about Chinese students on campus at the kick-off event. This year the kick-off event was a collaboration between TEDxMSU and Humans of East Lansing

Courtesy of Humans of East Lansing and TEDxMSU

and was held on October 22, 2015 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Broad Art Museum on campus.

“As TEDxMSU organizers, we have always been avid fans of the Humans of New York blog — we love the concept of hearing ‘ordinary strangers’ stories,” Irene from TEDxMSU said. “That’s really what the concept of TEDxMSU stands for.”

Irene said that when they first contacted HoEL from Humans of East Lansing, they were already excited by the idea of a collaboration. It was a great way for the two groups to frame their theme reveal as they were hoping to focus more on design and the arts, as well as collaboration with other student organizations, this year. Through their conversations, they found that the overlaps go deeper than this – both HoEL and TEDxMSU have the shared the mission of inspiring viewers, readers, and citizens through engagement with personal stories and fascinations. TEDxMSU thought this particular event would be an amazing way to showcase two perspectives on personal stories.

As a young organization, TEDxMSU is always trying to grow and connect with the campus community, as they simultaneously tighten their focus and vision. They strive to search and nurture ideas worth spreading from East Lansing. This year their biggest goals, alongside increasing their visibility and creating a successful conference experience on campus, are to incorporate more of MSU’s creative arts departments (art & design, fashion and textile design, etc.) in the conversation, all the while reaching out to different facets of the community.

hoel big
Photo credit: Humans of East Lansing

“HoEL and TEDxMSU have a lot in common. Both of us are trying to build up the bridge between multi-cultures and show people the infinite possibilities,” Irene said. “And being a part of this event is a great opportunity to target more Americans to really make bidirectional communication happen.”

Humans of East Lansing (HoEL) is based off of the popular series Humans of New York and tells interesting stories of those right here in our own community that have something interesting to share. Which is all of us!

“We are surrounded by strangers all the time, but we might never get a chance to talk to all of them. Each individual has their own stories; those stories are completely different than other stories,” HoEL said. “We really hope to be helping people think about their possibilities by telling someone’s story. And we also want them to show people different aspects of things.”

HoEL said they want people to start thinking, start sharing and start discovering. Even though Lansing is not a big town; there are still a lot of authentic and significantly humanistic life experiences. Humans of East Lansing wishes they could increase people ‘s interests to learn from each other and find their own way to live.

Apply to speak at TEDxMSU at http://tedxmsu.org! The speaker’s application for the 2016 conference is now open and it would be awesome to hear more international student perspectives like Aiden’s last year!

Check Humans of East Lansing Facebook page for more photos about the event.