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You may recognize this November Student of the Month from his performances during the MSU football games. While most of us enjoy music casually, to Luyi Han, music is a way of life. Ever since helping to start Shanghai’s first marching band, Luyi knew that band would always be a part of his life. Luckily for Luyi, MSU has one of the best marching bands in the world. Luyi knew he had to be a part of this prestigious program and instantly looked into how to join. Unfortunately since he was an international student Luyi arrived too late to the U.S. to try out his freshman year and was forced to wait until he was a sophomore. To Luyi’s dismay, his unintentional year off had made him rustier than he thought and he failed to make the band. Disheartened but not deterred, Luyi vowed to work hard and make the band. As it turned out, the third year was the charm and Luyi was finally a member of the Spartan Marching Band. Luyi is the first Chinese international student to be a part of the band. It was just in time too because that was the year that the Spartans played in the 100th Rose Bowl!

The Rose Bowl and more specifically the Rose Parade, are Luyi’s favorite memories of MSU. That doesn’t mean that the Rose Parade was an easy thing for him to do. Luyi and the band had to march for over 19 miles and then immediately play at the Rose Bowl game. Luyi said he’s never been as tired as he was at the end of that day. He hopes that this year he’ll get a chance to play for the Spartans at the National Championship game in January.

Even when he’s not at band practice, Luyi loves to practice his trombone and also play some basketball. If he can’t do that then Luyi loves to go and admire how green and vibrant MSU is from his favorite spot on campus, a secret little nook right by the Hannah Administration building. Lying there he’ll occasionally drift off and dream about his favorite food from back home, dumplings. Luyi also dreams of returning to Shanghai and teaching marching band at his old high school, which is his favorite place back home to spread his love of music to a new generation. While he dreams of returning home, Luyi is very content with MSU and is happy to have one more year here. He knows it will be a fun one, especially if he follows his own advice to step out of his comfort zone!

Year: Senior

Major: Supply Chain

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Favorite food from home: Dumplings

Plans after graduation: Return to Shanghai to work and to teach marching band

Favorite place in East Lansing: Nook by the Hannah Administration building

When he’s not studying: Band practice

Favorite place in China: His hometown high school

Advice for other international students: Step out of your comfort zone!

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Interviewed and written by Josh Rothermel. Josh is a senior studying International Relations and is the Sponsored Student Program intern at OISS. He enjoys getting to hear all the international students’ unique stories and loves to play rugby in his spare time. Josh graduates this spring and hopes to move to New York City after graduation.