Guest Blogger Fangyun Zhong is the Student Technical Assistant in the Commissioning Services Department at MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities. She is a Masters degree student majoring in Environmental Engineering and recipient of an ISEA from the Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS). In her job at MSU, she deals with phase I documentation of on campus buildings for further energy usage analysis as well as steam trap survey and trapping documents. Fang enjoys traveling and, through this picture, sends you greetings from the Bahamas! 

For international students, finding a job here in the US is very hard without a doubt. Because we come from different cultures, we speak English as a second language and we do not have enough experience to get a chance to prove that we can actually do it!

So I came to MSU in 2012 and started to work at cafeteria for about one year before I heard about the ISEA award. I mean cafeteria is a good place to work at, but for most of us, it might not be so related to our majors and it would be better for us to find jobs that not only pay our bills but also benefit our future careers. So I luckily got this ISEA award in August 2013 and it gave me so much courage that I started to search actively for on-campus jobs through I got an interview at the beginning of October and I could still remember the smile of the interviewers when I showed them this award. Yes, I believe this was one of my biggest advantages over other applicants. I worked for them and I helped to cut the budget by 50% for them to hire a new employee! I knew that I could get this job immediately after walking out of the office. Then I got the good news in the following a couple of weeks, and I liked this job. Now they are willing to offer me a temporary position after my graduation this May and possibly extend to a real full-time job in the near further. Thanks to the ISEA program, it gave me a more powerful reason why I was wanted, and it had really boosted my career.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said: “Ability is of little account without opportunity” and the ISEA program would be the door leading you to such opportunity! So don’t hesitate to open it! Good luck!

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