“The Travel Journals” are entries submitted by Spartans who have chosen to transform their educational journey with experiences outside of the United States. Both international and domestic students at MSU are encouraged to consider studying or interning abroad as part of their program of study. If you are interested in studying or interning abroad, start by visiting the website of the Office of Study Abroad. With over 275 programs taking place in more than 60 countries, you are sure to find something that works for you.

Name: Audrey Mabiza

Year: Senior

Major: Chemical Engineering

Location of Study: United Kingdom

What was the study abroad/through what program?  History/Social Sciences  Program

What was your normal day like?

We would wake up and dine on an English breakfast. After that, we would typically have two hours of lecture time and class time, and in the afternoon we would go on educational field trips. The evenings were times where we could do our readings in preparation for the next day, explore the places while bonding with our fellow classmates, and also rest up for the next day. We had most of the weekends off, and this is when people traveled to places like Paris and Ireland. I used my weekends to visit family and friends that I had in the UK.

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Favorite moment? In Cambridge we had a chance to go on the punts. We got to see the old buildings and appreciate the scenery from the punts.

What surprised you most? How quickly I adjusted to the culture there, how rich the European history is and how much pride the English have for their history.

How was the food? The food was delicious! I really liked the way they prepared their fish and chips. I liked the food they had, especially because some of it was similar to what we have in Zimbabwe.

Three things you learned:

1)    Always be willing to step out of your comfort zone.

2)    Make each experience a learning and growing experience whether it is a good experience or a bad experience.

3)    Where ever I go, I am always an ambassador of my country. I should always make sure that I am raising the Zimbabwean flag high.

Would you go back? Yes, I definitely would go back and hopefully visit the places I wanted to visit but never got the time to.


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