By Charles Liu

Basketball is a growing, new giant in the sports world. It’s about hard work, dedication, teamwork, and determination all while achieving the same goal; to compete as a team and win.

For some, basketball is a chance for success. For others, basketball is an exercise to stay fit. Basketball is where teammates can develop unspoken will-power on the same wave link. The game of basketball could come in different forms. Some games are all about the speed and pace, or it can be about physical dominance. In order to stay sharp on the court, be sure to have a sense of knowledge with its rules and regulation.

At Michigan State University, our basketball team is exciting. We are a part of the NCAA highest division in the collegiate league. What is more fascinating, every person that plays basketball—from all demographics and physiques—has a unique background that goes beyond just playing the game. They may come from different cities, states, or countries to share the same basketball language: dribble, pass, penetrate, shoot. Hence, the game of basketball is a platform.What is more rewarding than competition and wining is that the platform provides the same shared goals, experience, and the result of growth and teachable moments.

 “The game taught me to stay physically and mentality fit because we shape ourselves into what we will become in the future.”

For example:

Or, on a lighter note:

 “We all have the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year—no more, no less. By staying in shape—body, mind, spirit—we make the team better as one.”

To put basketball in a perspective that goes beyond the game, the film “Linsanity” has noted that it’s “an in-depth look at the unlikely underdog story of Jeremy Lin. From one kid’s humble hoop dreams to his meteoric rise to global NBA stardom. But this is not an overnight success story. This is a story about family, faith, and perseverance.”

More importantly, the film relates to people. It also provides an uplifting message that hard work includes taking yourself out of your comfort zone—culturally, socially, or academically—to become successful.  It applies to all people. It is longitudinal.

Consider cheering on the Spartans at the Breslin Center or join in a game at IM East.

CharlesCharles Liu is am International Student Advisor and part of the programming team at OISS. Drawing on his prior experiences as a team member in the military, a legal representative for the underprivileged and a youth advisor at his church, Charlie helps students build connections with other students from diverse backgrounds. At OISS, he hopes to find a common ground to help relate to students with campus and community partners because it is important for students to find a sense of community on and off campus.