Ruhan Jiang

Please welcome our new Guest Blogger, Ruhan Jiang!

Ruhan is a newly arrived Chinese student currently in the Master’s program of Public Relations in the College of Communication Arts & Sciences. She loves Michigan State, music, and helping people! This week, she helped the Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) write about our event this Friday – and why international students should register to attend.


Having trouble finding a job? Don’t know how to polish your cover letters and resumes? Having no idea how to talk to an employer? Planning for your road to an H-1B visa and beyond? Starting a business in the U.S.?

These are not even a problem as long as you show up to the October 11th event Michigan’s Global Future Conference!

After arranging several events in the past month to provide international students with some basic ideas about starting your career, we understand that there are more details you are very interested in. That’s why the OISS arranged this event with the Global Talent Retention Initiative (GTRI) to help you on the following aspects:

  • Cover letter and Resume writing;
  • Breaking cultural barriers during the interview process
  • The road to H-1B after OPT
  • Starting a business in Michigan within immigration guidelines
  • The job search experience from international students
  • Work experience from Michigan employers – what they are looking for in a candidate

Whether you are a graduate or undergraduate student, or whether you are finding a job in the U.S. or in your home country, feel free to come and get some advice!

If you have been to our September events, then this is the opportunity to get more specific ideas on job finding. If you haven’t been to our September events, this is the time to catch up! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Time: Friday October 11th from 1:00pm-5:30 pm

Location: Kellogg Center

Registration is now open at

For more details about the Conference and to learn more about GTRI, please visit