Below is an excerpt from an interview with Rachel Petro, an MSU Psychology major who completed a summer internship in New York City through the College of Social Science Study and Internship Programs.  You will have an opportunity to meet Rachel and other students who have completed Study Away programs in other cities, such as Washington, DC Honolulu, New Orleans and Boston at an informational meeting. We are expecting a crowd, so get there early!  In the meantime, read on to learn a little bit about Rachel’s experience.

Study Away Informational Meeting

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 at 5:00pm

109 S. Kedzie Hall

Name: Rachel Petro

Major: Psychology

Graduation Date: December 2014

Internship Placement: Doe Fund, Inc.

Internship Location: Brooklyn, NY

What are your primary responsibilities at your internship? 

My primary responsibilities are administrative work and chart filing.  I also helped assist in GED classes and sat in on employee interviews.  However, my biggest responsibility was to be there for the trainees whenever they need advice or guidance.

What’s your favorite thing about working / living in New York?  

My favorite thing about New York Living is all of the possibilities.  It is the perfect place for people who are into fashion or if you are a foodie.  Working here is very convenient because of the subway and your networking possibilities are endless.

How has your internship experience impacted your academic and/or career plans?

This internship experience has definitely taught me a lot about the “real world”.  Going to class is a great way to learn, but it is nothing close to the experience and knowledge I have gained at the Doe Fund.  This internship has just solidified that I am making the right career choice.  I truly love counseling and helping those in need.

If you were speaking to an MSU student who was thinking about applying to an internship program, what would you say to convince them?

No other program will help you get an internship.  I loved that I had a placement manager help me, since searching for an internship on my own from Michigan would have been impossible.  Plus you need internship experience no matter what major you are.  So why stay in East Lansing?  Get out and travel while you get the experience you need for your resume!

VickiVicki Shaver is the program coordinator for Study Away programs in the College of Social Science where she especially enjoys assisting students with career exploration and development.  She has worked with these programs for over 8 years and just recently earned a Master’s degree in Youth Development from Michigan State University.  Vicki facilitates most of the Study Away informational meetings and speaks to students at events and one-on-one about how they can participate in the many programs offered.