Finding an internship or a job after graduation can sometimes be a difficult task, especially for international students. Which companies are willing to hire international students? Wouldn’t it be nice to know BEFORE you go through the lengthy process of applying for an internship or job?

GTRI logoThe Global Talent Retention Initiative of Michigan (GTRI) is trying to do just that—make it easier for you to know which U.S. companies are willing to consider international students for employment through their GOemployer program. GOemployer stands for Global Opportunity Employer. Companies that have enrolled in the GOemployer program have pledged to consider all applicants for positions, regardless of their legal immigration status.

This means that international students looking for an internship, or who can work during their Optional Practical Training or Curricular Practical Training can find jobs in Michigan more easily. Some of these companies may be willing to consider sponsoring students for H-1B Visas as well, although this is not a requirement to participate in the program.

GTRI is part of Global Michigan, and is proudly supported by Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder. Governor Snyder wrote a letter in support of GTRI and to welcome and encourage international students that you can read HERE. GTRI also holds student events throughout the year across the state to assist you in finding an internship or job in Michigan post-graduation.  You can find out more about GTRI and its programs for students and employers by visiting

GoEmployer-png-logo smIf you would like to receive GTRI’s Jobs Bulletin with listings for internships and jobs available with GOemployer companies, click HERE to sign up. You can also sign up for the Newsletter by selecting that option while setting your preferences to stay up to date on GTRI events and other news.

Michigan welcomes international students and welcomes immigrants! Find out how GTRI of Michigan can assist you!

anne craftAnne Craft is the Director of Marketing and Communications for GTRI, an organization committed to economic development by retaining top international talent in our state.

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