vdayValentine’s Day is celebrated every year in the U.S. as well as in other countries around the world. This holiday originated from the celebration of the Catholic Saint Valentine, but has transformed into a day that is dedicated to expressing your love to those you care about. This expression is often done through exchanging gifts such as chocolate, flowers, cards, and other material goods. When asking Americans about this day, you’re likely to get a variety of responses ranging from positive to negative. Below are quotes taken from the OISS staff and interns when asked about their reaction towards Valentine’s Day. As you will find, no two people feel the same way about this annual holiday.

“I really do love buying a bunch of heart stuff and decorating. I also enjoy the excuse to wear a ridiculous amount of pink and red.” –Laura Wise

“I think we should do whatever we can to keep love alive.” –Peter Briggs

“My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is the expression on someone’s face when you give them a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s such a happy time.” –Kelly Quaine

“This is one day when everyone expresses kindness no matter what the status of their relationship is; whether they’re in a romantic relationship or not.” –Stephanie Ly

“I think love is the strongest force in the world and I appreciate a day where everyone is aware of its power.” –Caleigh Nowlin

“I don’t think there should be an excuse to show your love on a designated day. It’s kind of cliché.” –Mary Cox

“I think Valentine’s Day is mostly a made up occasion for florists and chocolate makers to profit. However, the sentiment of celebrating love is beautiful and should be a heartfelt gesture year-round. Nevertheless, I hope everyone will feel free to send me chocolate and roses.” –Amber Cordell

“I really like Valentine’s Day and I don’t get why people get upset over it. People say “love should be celebrated every day” and I agree that it should but it’s not. There’s so much hate around the world and it’s nice to have a day dedicated to love whether it’s family, friendship or an intimate relationship.” –Sahar Mahmood

“It’s just another day.  I want to thank my husband for cooking every day. Taste is love.” –Chien Ying Wang

“It’s one of the days of the year that allows you to pause and consider how important others are in your life.” –Hersh Sisodia

“Valentine’s day is a business.” –Neringa Tuyilingire

“I think the premise of Valentine’s Day is a great one; the celebration of love. However we go about it in the wrong ways. Love isn’t expensive jewelry and chocolates. Everything has become too materialistic. It’s about the money, not the emotions and meaning. Why do we need one day a year where we are required to say “I love you” with expensive gifts when it’s simply something that should be said and celebrated every day?” –Erin Bradt

“Love is what you’ve been through with somebody.” –Ismail Adawe

“I think [Valentine’s Day] is nice, but I think people pay too much attention to it.” –Takhmina Maralbaeva

Quotes selected by Chris Bargerstock:

“Where there is love, there is life.” –Mahatma Gandhi

“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” –Max Muller

Dena Elian

Dena Elian is an International Relations Senior at MSU’s James Madison College. Currently, she is the Experiential Learning Intern at OISS. Her campus activities include involvement with organizations that promote Middle Eastern politics and Arab Culture.