Exams are here and all students are scrambling to get their last minute work done. A lot of us will sleep walk to reviews to cram information and a good number will call the main library their new home. The only thing keeping you from enjoying your winter break is the many final exams and projects that must be done this week. Here is what you should include in your survival kit and some tips so you won’t end up looking like the walking dead.

You will need the following:

  • MSU ID
  • Pencil/eraser
  • AAA Batteries
  • Emergency Survival Food Supply – Dry Food
  • H2O (Water)
  • Warm Clothes
  • Running shoes
  • Flashlight
  • Map
  • Comfy backpack
  • First Aid kit
  • Toothbrush/Paste/Mouthwash/Gum
  • Alarm Clock
  • Ear Plugs
  • Class Materials

MSU ID. Most, if not all, classes will require you to bring your MSU ID to your final or picture ID. Don’t forget extra pencils, eraser and AAA batteries for the calculator that would only stop functioning when you need it most.

Refuel the brain. Eating breakfast in the morning will help start your day off right. It’s hard to eat healthy and easy to munch on junk food but don’t forget REAL food which means hot meals. Don’t forget to stuff your backpack with emergency survival food supply like beef jerky and other dry goods.

Water. Drink plenty of it. You will be dehydrated from all the salt and sugar you’ve consumed (junk food, candies, energy drinks etc…). Carry a refillable water bottle in hand.

Warm Clothes. Malnourishment and sleep deprivation will cause you to experience a little colder weather than you normally would. So dress warm and comfortable. Be prepared as if you were going to be outside all day and this also means running shoes. Assume that you will have to run to catch the next bus or even run all the way to your final exam.

Flashlight, Map and a Comfy Backpack. For any adventures you may run into throughout your week and a First Aid Kit for the potential mishaps.

Toothbrush/Paste/Mouthwash/Gum. For the nights you didn’t make it home.

Sleep. Schedule a time when you will sleep so that you don’t think you are studying until the end of the world. Once you get a little drowsy, your focus will wander from your study and pulling an all-nighter will only result in exhaustion and poor performance on the final.

Alarm Clock. Don’t kid yourself. It’s a harsh week, so don’t forget to set multiple alarms to help you wake up on time.

Study Breaks. 1 hour of study yields (→) 10 min breaks, but 10 min of study DOES NOT EQUAL (≠) 1 hour of break. Bring a book or deck of cards to entertain yourself in reward of studying. AVOID youtube, facebook, TV, games etc…

Quiet Space. Find your spot free from distraction to study. It’s also recommended to change scenery once in a while so you don’t get bored to death. Use ear plugs to drown out the noises around you.

During the final exam,

Take your time. Taking the exam should not be a race. Double check your work to make sure that the answers are what you intend them to be.

On to the next one. You’re done with an exam. You either did well or you didn’t but that shouldn’t keep you from acing other things. Just let it go and move on to the next big thing.

Good luck to you all, my fellow MSU students. We shall live through yet another semester of finals and many more to come. Have a joyous and safe break! See you next semester.

For more tips: “Final Exam Stress

stephanieStephanie Ly is a fourth-year undergraduate student who was born in Canada and raised in Holland, MI. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree Humanities/Pre-Law. Her hobbies are putting together jigsaw puzzles and trying new cuisines. Stephanie serves as a Programming Intern at OISS.