If you haven’t receive your insurance card by now, it’s time to take action! It’s important to carry your insurance card at all times. You will be asked to present it whenever you see a health care provider. Here’s how you can get it online.

  • Print a temporary insurance ID card online with no waiting!

STEP 1: Go online to tinyurl.com/AetnaID

STEP 2: Click “Print Your ID Card” on the right side of the webpage

aetna screen shot 1

STEP 3: Input your student APID (replace A with 00 or 55) and your date of birth

aetna screen shot 2

STEP 4: Click “View Card”

STEP 5: You can print out your temporary card now! Put it in your wallet and carry it with you at all times!

You will be able to use this temporary card to see a health care provider. However, it’s just a piece of paper that can be torn or ruined or lost. We recommend you take one step further to request a real card to be mailed to your current location. It also helps to ensure Aetna has your current address and knows where to send your future medical bills!

Request a new card to be mailed to you!

STEP 1: Go online to tinyurl.com/NewAetnaCard

STEP 2: Input all the information requested. Be sure to put your current address!

STEP 3: Click “Send”. Your card will be mailed to the address you input above.

Also learn how to access your insurance card on your iPhone or Droid from our previous post!

Get your insurance information on your phone! –A free app for you.


Chien-ying Wang is the Community Health Intern at the Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS). Chien is passionate about communicating healthcare and health insurance information to MSU’s international community and helping them make more informed health decisions.