Buenas Noches, Gute Nacht, and Bonne Nuit…

Walking into Red Cedar Elementary, it was apparent Good Night, World was bound to be a great event.

Children in pajamas with blankets, slippers, and stuffed animals; these kids were ready for a pajama party!  The 4th annual One World, Many Stories event brought together over 300 people to celebrate a story called Good Night, World, a story about a young child and his high-flying bird friend as they travel the Earth and bid goodnight to the magnificent spinning planet.

The One World committee, in collaboration with Red Cedar Elementary, hosted the event on March 23rd as part of the March is Reading Month initiative.  Children at Red Cedar each received the book Good Night, World and attended the pizza and pajama party to share in food, activities and watch children’s international short films.  Children were also taught how to say “Good Night” in several different languages and learned about rituals that take place around the world before bed-time. The night was spectacular!

The whole evening was supported in-part by grants from the Kiwanis Club of East Lansing and the East Lansing Education Foundation.  The committee wanted to thank the staff at Red Cedar and their wonderful Parent Council that also helped in making the evening possible.

The One World committee is a joint, multi-faceted initiative that promotes overall literacy development by highlighting the importance of community participation through interactive events that expose children to a wide variety of cultures.  Big thanks to our committee partners, MSU Campus Living Services & Residence Life, OISS, MSU Family Resource Center, MSU Center for Language Teaching Advancement, East Lansing Public Library and Red Cedar Elementary.

Check out our photo gallery from the event!

Nicole Namy is an International Student Advisor and Community Outreach Coordinator. Nicole has been an advisor with OISS for the past 4 years and looks forward to some great spring programming!