OISS Programming Intern Anna Graziano is going to give MSU students some advice about “the job search” but first…

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The Job Search

Spring semester is probably the most stressful semester for a senior. This is the time that we are applying to schools to continue our education or applying for jobs on top of doing all our schoolwork and maybe working part-time. This is a crucial semester for us as we hope to have a job before we receive our MSU diploma. (Are you graduating this semester? Join us on Friday (February 17) for our next Optional Practical Training (OPT) session)

I am graduating in May with you and looking on every website I can think of to see who is hiring, what positions are available and if I even want to do that job. Do we continue our studies by going to graduate school or take time off to find our passion? Do we go straight into a job that might be a good choice, but pays little, or take the job that is good pay – but isn’t quite what we want? These are all questions we ask ourselves when searching for jobs, and they are very important and good questions to ask.

First, search for a job or continue your education? For many of us, further education is not necessary and you can get right into the field! But for others, that other diploma is necessary.

If other diplomas are necessary, know that you can take some time off before continuing your education. Some of us are unsure of what exactly we want to do and taking a year or two off could be what we need to find what we’re passionate about; this is the category I fall under. Once you find your passion, continuing your education will be a better use of your time and money.

If the other diploma is not necessary or you want to take that time off, then job searching is a pressing issue for you at this time. If you graduate without a job – don’t stress out about it. You just completed 4 (or more) years of college and should feel proud and happy to have a little time to yourself. That being said, you should also look for jobs during these months. There are many websites, professors, friends, and current/old bosses that will help you in your job hunting. Remember that it never hurts to ask.

Once you receive job offers or university acceptances, you need to weigh your options and benefits. This is your decision and a decision that influences your life, so it needs to be taken seriously. Try to listen to yourself and trust in your choices. These are not permanent decisions, but it is important to sustain your happiness.

To sum up:

  • Try not to stress
  • Begin your job hunt or university search now
  • Speak to friends, family, professors, old/current bosses, etc. about job positions or tips
  • Apply for any and all jobs you’re interested in (related to your major if you are an international student), it never hurts

You are all very smart students and have done so well for yourselves. Trust in yourself and continue to be the best you can be! You will all soon be Spartan Graduates and will bleed Green and White for the rest of your life. Congratulations in advance and good luck on your applications and choices!

Anna Graziano is a fourth-year undergraduate student who was born in Kansas and has lived in Brazil, South Africa, Japan and around the United States. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Comparative Cultures and Politics at MSU’s James Madison College with minors in Portuguese and Educational Studies. Her interests vary from African culture to refugee services. Anna serves as a Programming Intern at OISS.