It’s always smart having health information at hand and on the go. I think someone from Aetna just heard that wish.

For those of you who have Aetna Student Health insurance and a smart phone, you now can pull up your insurance card, find a doctor (and get directions), view your health record, and check your claim ALL on your smart phone!!!

It’s good news for me. I might forget to carry my wallet, but I never forget to carry my smart phone. Here are some screen shots of the Aetna mobile app.

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Take 1 minute to check out this cool demo video:

Aetna Insurance Mobile App

Follow the simple steps below to start using this free app:

1)      Register using your computer/laptop. You can’t register on your smart phone. 😦

2)      Download the FREE Aetna mobile app.

3)      Login on your smart phone. Done!

Chien-ying Wang is a second-year international graduate student from Taiwan. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Health and Risk Communication at MSU’s College of Communication. Chien is passionate about communicating healthcare and health insurance information to MSU’s international community and helping them make better health decisions. She serves as Community Health Intern at the Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS).

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