How about a career fair for international students?

It’s happening this week on January 25th and 26th and it’s not too late to register.

The Big 10 Virtual Career Conference is for you and it’s open to all majors.

Companies are looking for international students who have been educated in the U.S.

How do I register?

Why Participate?

· Get interviews without ever leaving your computer

· Avoid waiting in long lines

· Save your valuable time by searching for a job online

· Meet employers which may not attend on-site all day events

· Upload your resume and register for the event and you will be automatically enter into the Nano Drawing

What’s stopping you? Get registered today!

Going on next week (January 31st) is the

IBM International Student Virtual Webinar Career Fair

They are looking for students from India in the following fields: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematical Sciences and Services Science.

They are also seeking students from China and Latin America in both technical and business majors.

This is an exciting opportunity learn more about IBM’s International Student Hiring Program; get in touch with IBM Recruiters from around the world; and learn about challenging employment opportunities in various countries. The panel will include speakers from India, China, Latin America and Central Eastern Europe.

Please see the following website for more information:

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