So, if you were to ask me what my favorite event of the year would be, I’d scream, GLOBAL FESTIVAL!!  If you ask me

“What is Global Festival?”

I’d tell you to put down the book, get yourself outta that lab, and join the internationally-minded people of the community to travel the globe in a day.

Global Festival was held on November 13th, 2011 and offered the greater -Lansing community the chance to explore cultures from around the world. Every year, international students participate in showcasing their home country with features such as international exhibits and performances. When I say showcase, I mean that 33 different nationality groups spent many, many hours assembling exhibits displaying cultural artifacts, recreating cultural snapshots,  finding cultural crafts, and generally being awesome diplomats.

When I say performances, I mean that 26 different nationality groups spent many, many hours practicing dancing, singing, strumming, drumming, and yo-yoing.

The many hours of preparation culminates in an event that draws over 2000 community members to the MSU Union for an unforgettable day event.  Community and campus members pick up a passport and travel from exhibit to exhibit to check out curling in Canada, henna from India, and tinikling from the Philippines.

Are you not convinced that this a phenomenal event?? Then let me tell you that during the festival, you can explore the World Gift Shop, which offers a variety of international art works, jewelry, glassware, clothing and a multitude of gift items. All the proceeds support the CVIP Scholarship Fund for spouses of international students to attend MSU classes.  Guess how much scholarship money was raised this year?? Over $7000!  Still not impressed with the event?  Then how about the international cuisine in the Global Café—because how many times can you find palak panner from India on the same plate as wild mushroom spaetzle from Germany?

Why is this event my favorite?  Because its created for the community, by students and volunteers, as a labor of love.  The Community Volunteers for International Programs (CVIP) and the MSU Union have successively worked for 28 years to make this event happen.  Thanks to everyone for allowing us to bring the world together in celebration for a day!


For more information on CVIP, see their website:

Nicole Namy is an International Student Advisor and Community Outreach Coordinator. Nicole has been an advisor with OISS for the past 4 years and looks forward to some great spring programming!