East Lansing Welcomes the World: October 2, 2011

The world came together for a brief moment on October 2nd to celebrate the Community Volunteers for International Programs (CVIP) 50 years of service to the international community at MSU for the “East Lansing Welcomes the World” event.

The event welcomed over 400 international students and scholars, East Lansing community members, and featured Dr. Lou Anna K Simon, world traveler Sam Singh and Mayor Victor Loomis. CVIP was honored by Senator Gretchen Whitmer  for their 50 years of dedication to the international community. Want to know more about CVIP and how it got started? Check out their website: http://cvip.isp.msu.edu/

Over 25 different restaurants and organizations donated food, beverages, and time to make this event happen. Not to mention, all the contributing departments and people that worked to make this event such a success! Extra big thanks to the City of East Lansing, the dedicated volunteers of CVIP, Hannah Community Center staff, all the volunteers that staffed the event and the MSU Breakdancing Club.

Already looking forward to next years event! More pictures coming!

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